Kenmore Sewing Machines – Why Should You Choose a Sewing Machine?

The Kenmore sewing machine Plumstone is the perfect companion for the novice sewer or quilter. It is designed to meet every need of the stitching professional. Its eight-inch wide work area along with a precision sewing dial makes it a handy sewing machine to own. The Kenmore sewing machine Plumstone is also known as the Big Wood. This model is powered by a standard cord and is suitable for all sewing tasks big and small.

The Kenmore sewing machine‘s range of products is diverse and each model is based on its own unique design. The Kenmore needlework series offers quilters and all other stitching professionals a complete line of accessories.

TKenmore Sewing Machines - Why Should You Choose a Sewing Machine? Sewing Machine  he Kenmore sewing machine model Plumstone is no exception to this rule. It offers all the features that one needs for the finest and hardest working stitching task. It includes a durable nylon material frame and easy to read buttons. Along with its robust performance and great value for money, the Kenmore sewing machines model Plumstone can be used to stitch almost any type of material such as cotton, polyester, and silk.


This Kenmore sewing machine model Plumstone has an automatic button-cleaning facility. It can be programmed in such a way that the number of buttons is reduced when the thread is in use. The machine will automatically clean the bobbin after each use. The machine is fitted with six large and three small buttons and has large and small button settings so as to fit all users’ needs. It can be used as a regular bobbin but with the added function of a retractable needle.

The Kenmore 385 is equipped with a long-lasting and bright LCD screen. The LCD is covered with an anti-static gel that protects it against electricity. The high-intensity LCD screen is easy to clean and is protected by an anti-static shield. The machine is fitted with a high-quality non-static ribbon and premium nonconductive thread. This along with the strong and reliable sewing thread makes it perfect for stitching numerous garments.

The Plumstone also has six different buttonhole settings. These buttonhole settings make it convenient to sew various sized garments with ease. The six different buttonhole settings are located at the top, mid, bottom, side, and inside of all three stitches. In addition to the six different buttonhole settings, the Kenmore sewer kits also have three embroidery stitch keys and a clear glass panel with a backlight so as to view the sewing progress.

This machine has been designed for professional and does it yourself sewer to do their own tucks and repairs. The machine comes with a special feature called the Kenmore Auto Sewing Machine Quick Release Key. This allows the user to quickly reset to the last used stitch without having to remove and put the machine in storage. The machine is fitted with six pre-stitched buttons and one blank button. There is also a built-in button for each of the six needle positions. The six-button positions can be used for regular, short hem, shaped, or tailored dress fabrics.

The Kenmore SEM is fitted with a built-in threader. The threader is used to feed the thread into the bobbin case. The machine contains a powerful and new high speed 1.5 mm metal core threader that feeds the thread easily and evenly through the bobbin case. The built-in threader is the best sewing machine for keeping your clothing looking clean and well cared for.

The Kenmore stitching machine also comes with a generous warranty. It is covered by a ten-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Underneath the warranty, there is a two-year limited warranty for fabric damage. There is also a twenty-four-hour helpline for customers who have troubles with their Kenmore sewing machines. All of these services and products are offered at the regular prices that are on sale.

Why Kenmore Sewing Machines Is Popular

Kenmore is one of the most well-known manufacturers of household sewing equipment. There are many reasons as to why this brand of machinery is a top choice for sewing needs. The quality of each model produced by Kenmore is also a reason why they are so popular with professionals, who know that the finished product will be of the highest quality. While the price of these machines may be higher than some other brands, they definitely deliver exceptional performance and value for the money. Here is a look at some of the many features of Kenmore sewing machines that have made them so popular:

Different stitching features – These machines are equipped with various stitching features that help sew various types of materials. Whether you need a heavy-duty machine that can handle heavy denim dresses or shirts or even small button-down shirts, Kenmore has the right model for you. Each model is engineered to cater to a certain style or look. Whether you want to choose a traditional or modern look, you can find something to suit your taste with these machines. Along with their wide variety of features, Kenmore sewing machines are also built to last for many years. With proper care, it is possible to enjoy these machines for up to 20 years or more.

Various speeds and functions – One of the greatest features of Kenmore machines is the speed and operational functions. They have a wide range of speeds which allow stitches to be done easily with little interruption. Some of these speeds include an automatic winding option and an adjustable tension control. This feature is especially useful for busy individuals who want to finish a sewing project as soon as possible.

Built in accessories – In addition to all the standard features such as needle locking and feed stopping, there are also some special add-ons that may help you make sewing more convenient or efficient. For example, there is an adjusting foot rest that allows you to make the machine to fit your feet better. You can also purchase clip-on attachments which allow you to easily attach various accessories to your sewing machine.

Unique features – If you want a unique Kenmore sewing machine, you should definitely consider models made by this company. Most of the models offered by Kenmore are unique in terms of design and features. This is probably the reason why Kenmore has become so popular among different kinds of individuals who are fond of sewing. Aside from the sewing machines mentioned above, Kenmore also manufactures different kinds of accessories that allow users to make their projects easier and more convenient. Some of these accessories include embroidery kits, quilting frames, and sewing machines that are machine washable.

These are just some of the many features that Kenmore offers in its line of sewing machines. However, before you buy any of these products, you need to ensure that you will be able to use them effectively. This is why you need to know how to determine which feature would benefit you the most. Once you are aware of this, you would be able to make the right purchase for yourself and your sewing needs.

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