Above and Beyond Sewing Machines

Over the past two decades, Above and Beyond Sewing Machine Company has become one of the most well-known names in the local area for above and beyond sewing. The shop is located at the corner of Broadway Avenue in downtown Portland. The shop is managed by Pamela Skaer, who started the business with her husband, Bill. Bill has worked with Pamela throughout the years as the business has grown.

“We wanted to create a very special place for our clients to come and get their embroidered clothing done,” Pamela said. “When we started out, we didn’t know what kind of equipment we wanted to buy or what kind of business model we wanted to have. I had a vision that we needed a place where people could come and get embroidered. Plus, we needed high-quality stitching machines and stabilizers to help us make the process quicker and easier for our clients.”

Today Over and Above still specialize in above and beyond sewing machine repair, but the shop has also expanded into many other areas. Today, customers can get help with anything from sewing machine repair to embroidery. In addition, the shop offers its customers professional training in everything from threading to trimming. In fact, all of the sewing machine repair and embroidery work is performed right in the shop, allowing customers to go right on over to the sewing machine themselves if they need help. Instead of having to take them to another location, customers can now head right over to the sewing machine repair shop for help.

Above and Beyond Sewing Machines Sewing  If a customer needs help with any aspect of sewing, no matter how small it might be, the staff at the above and beyond sewing machine repair shop welcomes them to their shop without exception. They are happy to show customers how to fix different problems that may occur in relation to sewing. Because each sewing machine is unique, each repair is different as well, and it’s important for customers to know how everything works together and what parts may need to be replaced.

Many of the machines used by above and beyond sewing machine repair shops are made by companies like Hunter Douglas. These sewing machine brands have been manufactured for decades, and each one is built to ensure its users are able to complete a sewing project with ease and precision. Manufacturers like Hunter Douglas and Babylock use good old-fashioned craftsmanship when creating these sewing instruments.

There are countless designs and features available for these sewing instruments, and they are perfect for both amateur and professional seamstresses. Some of the most popular features include the fact that the seats of these machines are fully adjustable, so they are very comfortable to use, even by people who are not necessarily used to sewing. Also, they feature an internal mechanism that prevents the needle from rotating, which is great for people who do not have much experience using these machines.

For new users, or for those who might want to upgrade their existing sewing or embroidery machines, there are several features that these machines offer that make them great for new users and experienced sewers alike. For one thing, they feature the “zero delays” threading system. This is a fancy way of saying that the needle does not stop its movement until the thread is completely through the fabric. Whether the user is stitching with a regular sewing thread or a thread for embroidery projects, this feature is extremely helpful for reducing mistakes.

Another popular feature of this type of machine is it’s easy to use, quick-changing bobbins. These bobbin cases are designed in a way that allows users to easily replace damaged parts on their machines without having to take the machine apart. Whether it be water damage or a simple malfunction, these bobbin cases are a simple and effective solution to many sewing or embroidery problems. Additionally, many sewing repair shops find that the ease of changing out parts is often worth the small investment required to purchase and install these machines.

For anyone who is looking for the perfect sewing machine, regardless of what their needs are, these above and beyond Electronic machines are the perfect option. They are well built, reliable, comfortable to use, and easy to learn to use. They are also affordable and come with numerous features, ranging from easy-to-read displays to fully-assembled components. In short, these above and beyond sewing machine models provide a high level of functionality in a variety of styles, at a very affordable price.

Sewing Machines From Over & Beyond Sewers Choice

Over and Beyond is a shop for all kinds of sewing machines. It started out as just one location, but today, Over and Beyond Sewing Machine Shop has expanded into several other locations. The shop now offers technical support for all sewing machines, as well as embroidery assistance for all sewing needs. The staff at Over and Beyond is extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Even the newest model sewing machines are supported with expertly trained technicians. With this wide array of services, it’s no wonder that Over and Beyond have been a Sewer’s Top Choice since 1990!

Above and Beyond Sewing Machines Sewing  Over and Beyond continues to specialize in above and beyond sewing machine repairs, but the store has also expanded into several other fields. Today, clients can receive help with almost anything from basic embroidery to complicated seamstresses. They can also receive sewing help on all kinds of products, such as quilts, rags, and camisoles. The staff at Over and Beyond is happy to answer questions about all kinds of sewing. In addition, the store offers professional training in everything from basic threading to cutting to exact sewing on all kinds of fabric.

If your machine needs some kind of repair, don’t hesitate to ask the experts. The store is staffed with skilled technicians who can take care of all your sewing machines, from old-fashioned Singer to modern Quicksilver. The technicians are available to fix just about any problem, which means that you won’t need to call your regular repairman. Instead, you can have your sewing machines repaired in the comfort of your own home. If you have an older model, there are plenty of ways for you to keep it in good working condition.

When you buy your sewing machines over the Internet, you may not be able to try out the product before purchase. However, this isn’t the case at Over & Beyond. In fact, many of the sewing machines sold by the website are accompanied by a full warranty that covers everything from defects in materials and workmanship to problems with electricity.

There’s no reason to settle for second best when it comes to sewing. You deserve the best, and Over & Beyond have all the latest sewing machines to prove it. The site also provides helpful customer service, so you can feel confident that your machine will be serviced properly. They also offer a full line of high quality sewing products, including denim, twill, silk, and velour.

So if you’re in the market for a new sewing device, visit Over & Beyond Sewers Choice today. The site also offers tips for beginners, so even if you’re not an experienced sewer, you can learn how to succeed in the craft. Whether you need a basic or high-end machine, you can find exactly what you need online at the best prices.

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