A Few Things to Consider When Purchasing a Hand Held Sewing Machine

A Few Things to Consider When Purchasing a Hand Held Sewing Machine Sewing Machine  Home is not the only location where you may need a hand held sewing machine. Depending upon the specific hand held sewing machine that you decide on, you could find an easy to use alternative to an electric portable machine and capable of handling some serious repairs of sorts of both fabric and padding. It is much more common than one would think for many of the quilting and sewing professionals out there to be utilizing these machines in their shops instead of the more traditional power-driven machines. Of course, if you are simply starting out in the industry and don’t know quite what all of the fuss is about, purchasing an electrical machine would be a smart choice if you are considering the long term costs associated with using the older style machines.

If you do choose a hand held sewing machine, there are many different companies and models that you can choose from. Some of the most common brands include Singer, Elna, Pfaff, idaque, and Bissell. These companies and models have been around longer than just a few years, and they are proven companies and designers, making them a great choice for many consumers out there. You will also find that most of the machines will use either ink cartridges or either a continuous ink supply (CIS) system. If you are more of a fan of the digital world, then you will likely find machines that use either the newer wireless technology, such as that which is featured on some of the Singer models or that used the older cartridges only, without the Internet capabilities.

For those that are more interested in the traditional style, then you will find that there are many names synonymous with these machines such as Singer, Bissell and Elna. These companies and models have been around much longer, but still, their name carries more weight than some of the newer names. As always when looking into hand held sewing machines, be sure to do your research and find the one that will best suit your needs, style and budget. There are many to choose from, so don’t worry about choosing just one.

Hand Held Sewing Machine – Which is Best For You?

A Few Things to Consider When Purchasing a Hand Held Sewing Machine Sewing Machine  Hand held sewing machines are extremely convenient, versatile, and an excellent solution for many different sewing situations. Home is the only place where you may have the need for such a sewing machine at least occasionally. If you do not need all the desktop capabilities, just purchase the smaller, lighter Singer brand. For some projects you will not need or want the larger, bulkier machines such as the Cricut. There are other situations where a larger machine will be necessary such as heavy work with fabric that you will not be able to lift with a smaller machine.

Many hand held sewing machines come with numerous functions and attachments. Many people find that these additional functions and attachments are worth the extra cost. Some of the more common and popular sewing attachments include: thread cutters, needles, and embroidery needles. Many times a lightweight but efficient sewing machine is all that is needed because of the amount or work that can be done with a lightweight but powerful machine. The lightweight machines tend to also be less expensive than the bulkier machines.

If you will be doing a large number of small stitches, then a built-in stitches machine is probably a better choice. Built-in stitches work by pressing a button that automatically stitches the fabric. The built-in stitches will do a simple line or a full page of a large fabric very quickly. The built-in stitches are also great for quilting because the built-in stitches will usually pre-align your curves for any small sewing mistake that you will make. A lightweight or small sewing machine is the best choice for the majority of small projects.

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